Pizza – even more

lamb pizza 001 smallSame dough (you have been following this series, haven’t you?) which had been in the fridge two days – even gave it a few folds just to demonstrate my knowledge of techniques.
Made a basic tomato sauce. Fried an onion, a little celery, some mushrooms, diced left-over cooked lamb, jalapenos. Added some creme fraiche and cooked it down.
Pressed out the dough (200g apiece) which got a good rise this time because I had to pop down the village to see a man about a bakery*. A friend donated me a couple of twelve inch square terracotta tiles so these go in the oven which is preheated to 300C (or that’s what it claims). Layer of tomato sauce, layer of lamb mix, layer of sugar snaps, few lumps of mozzarella. Still takes me 20 minutes to bake this type of doughy, heavily laden pizza but they’re getting pretty good.
lamb pizza 002 smallNice brushing of garlic olive oil round the crust as they come out of the oven.
* Becws Pesda, the bakery/employment project I set up and got frozen out of eight years ago has finally ground to a halt. Nacro, the voluntary organisation who have (mis)managed it ever since have to be out by the end of the month, i.e. the end of next week. If they can’t sell the bakery equipment by then it’s going for scrap. You may hear more on this subject.

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6 thoughts on “Pizza – even more

  1. I wonder if that makes you you feel a little ‘ha told you so’ and ‘knew you were doomed without me’ but also a little bit sad too as you were the one at the beginning and it’s a waste of what could have been a great project. Either way, loving the idea of cheap bakeware, can I have first dibs please???!!!? X

  2. I worked through the personal stuff a long time ago. I feel angry at the waste and that a fully equipped bakery will now disappear from Bethesda when it could be put to community use. That “cheap bakeware” was paid for with public money.

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