Still on the Shelf

3 thoughts on “Still on the Shelf

  1. Ah, food as art. Not a lot of people know this but when I was but a lad I did my stint as Assistant Stage Manager at Dundee Repertory Theatre where I specialised in making props. I’m sure they still talk about my Christmas Pudding; a plastic football glued to a silver server, a layer of dental plaster poured over the ball, allowed to dry and painted brown, then a second pour of a smaller amount of plaster to form the sauce, sprig of holly on the top, rags soaked in methylated spirit, lower the lights, strike a match and, aaaaahhh!!!!!

  2. I had a chef tell me I was full of it when I said food was art…he didn’t higher me and in some ways I agreed, since it’s a trade, yet, being a son of an artist, I know better..texture, taste, smell…notions of food solely as nourishment is bull…it makes us go ahh and ooh!

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