Wholemeal & Honey

That Marcus, he’s not a bad lad, but he can’t break his yeast habit

After he baked his Wheat Beer & Red Onion for customers when he did a course with me I appropriated it straight into the repertoire. And as he had seemed pretty pleased with his wholemeal & honey recipe I thought that might be worth stealing too. The problem of course being – yeast. I mean, I’ve been clean now for at least six years, even stopped going to YA meetings.

He very kindly posted the recipe on his blog, Bakers Row, http://blog.bakers-row.com/2012/05/65-honey-wholemeal/ – his bread is based on a complicated biga and soaker arrangement. I just took the total proportions and reworked it as a straight sourdough but substituting buttermilk for milk.

Wholemeal 74.8%
Strong Bread Flour 25.2%
Buttermilk 67.8%
Starter 32.8%
Honey 8.8%
Butter 5.5%
Salt 1.8%

Overnight fermentation in the fridge. 3.5 hours prove. Glazed with water/honey mix before slashing and halfway through bake.

Very impressive and very beautiful.

A long-standing customer txted me a while after collecting and said it was the best bread I ever made. Sod you Marcus.

One thought on “Wholemeal & Honey

  1. (Now that I’ve stopped laughing…!)
    I don’t mind saying I’m very pleased that the bread was well received, but also that you’ve successfully converted it to ‘yeast-free’ – I’ve been meaning to do exactly that for a while myself, see how it comes out.
    ‘course, the pressure’s on me again now to come up with some more ideas… for Mick to nick!

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