If you think I’ve been a bit quiet for a while it’s because I took a couple of weeks out to get my next book finished. And, bar the proof reading, finished it was at about 7.30 last night.

Should have it printed within a couple of weeks and then it’ll be time for all you potential microbakers to put your hands in your pockets.

What shall I write next?


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13 Responses to Microbakin’!!!

  1. Ray says:

    Look forward to reading this!

  2. Matt Bourne says:

    So do I. Superlative job on the cover design Mick.

  3. Thanks Ray.
    Matt – that’s high praise coming from a man in your profession. I’ve added the rear cover for you to look at

  4. Jeremy says:

    Just started mine…Guerilla baker!

  5. You mean gorilla – you Americans can never spell things correctly.

  6. rowmarcus says:

    Congrats Mick, another milestone hit, chalk me down for a copy… 🙂

  7. rowmarcus says:

    Received my copy yesterday, finished reading it last night! Lovely job Mick, entertaining, informative, dare I say it “inspiring” 😉
    Can fully recommend this to anyone thinking “shall I, shan’t I?” – just do it.

  8. bakingben says:

    ..and excellent photos…

  9. Bugger…I’ll have to get a copy?! Or just stay cooking and get foolish ideas of baking out of my head?!

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