That Dough Again

I’m still messing around with the pizza dough, partly to see if it’s worth my while to supply a local restaurant with buns. So yesterday I did the same buns + some wholemeal – very slightly raising the hydration for the wholemeal, knowing that I will probably have to raise it again.

Buns came out OK. Trimmed the dough after turning it out of the plastic box for dividing. Used the trimmings as a starter for the next batch (yeah, I know it has salt in).

Mixed the next batch, let it sit around a couple of hours (no stretches) before putting it in the fridge overnight. Not much movement so let it sit around in the kitchen for a couple of hours before improvising a focaccia.

Few cubes of mozzarella, some rolled up slices of serrano, cherry tomatoes, basil leaves, Big G’s magic elixir.

Rather good improv.


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2 Responses to That Dough Again

  1. rowmarcus says:

    I’ll have some of that! Looks lovely Mick!

  2. Sue wanted me to make a couple of crostini for a starter and I got a bit carried away. Never mind, the neighbours benefited

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