The Bakery Cat

You might have noticed that skinny little kitten that sometimes features in Jeremy’s Stir the Pots blog. Well here’s a a real serious bakery cat in full chocolate box pose:

Not only do we have a vermin free bakery – look at those claws. No need for a docker, just let her wander across your biscuit dough.

5 thoughts on “The Bakery Cat

  1. (1) That Phoebe has too much enthusiasm. She only loves me for my baguette and Legs for her GoCat.
    (2) Jeremy, that sort of talk is likely to traumatise Legs and give her an eating disorder.
    (3) Rick (is your turbine producing too much electricity or have you been having computer lessons), anyone who has been to a baking event in Bethesda will be able to confirm that the sun always shines here.
    (4) Pam, no one gets past the gate while we are away.

    Why do I get more response to the cat than to my bread?

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