By tonight (Tuesday) I need about six-and-a-half kilos of starter for the week’s mix. I start my build Monday morning.

Yesterday morning I found I had 400g of flat, watery looking starter that had been neglected for at least 48 hours. I needed about 150g of this to produce a little over 700g of starter which would be refreshed again last night so I would have in excess of 2K this morning for the final build up to 6.5K. (Are you keeping up at the back?)

So after Monday morning’s refreshment I was left with 250g of the watery stuff. I don’t think the planet is going to die if I throw out a little starter (I’ll leave that to you car drivers) but I’m a bugger for a bit of an experiment so I thought I would calculate a loaf based on the available starter.

As the starter was a bit knackered I decided to double the average proportion in the dough and so called the 350g 60%. So flour at 100% would be 583g. Make the water 60% hydration – another 350g. Salt 1.7% – 10g.

Three short kneads, four hours fermentation with a stretch an hour. Three hours proof:

And you STILL think you need yeast?

One thought on “ImprovBread

  1. I guess it must have been all those wild yeasts from your back garden you allowed it to catch while the starter bucket was on your window ledge overnight ?

    BTW thought your cake last week looked amazing

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