Happy Birthday to moi, Happy Birthday to moi …

Official 65th Birthday photo by Sue Wilson.
Original Casey Jones hat by Jeremy Shapiro.
65 embroidered badge ripped from birthday card from my sister Anne & partner Andrew
“Mick” bread by Marcus Row (what a Star!).

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8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to moi, Happy Birthday to moi …

  1. Thank you all for your good wishes. Yes, Jeremy, it’s time you sent me a new hat – better still if you hand deliver it.

    I have to say we did the occasion justice; 2.00 p.m.- midnight in the function room of the internationally famous Bethesda Rugby Club – I hate to think of how much Guinness you can drink in 10 hours – food by Gert of Caernarfon’s Oren restaurant, four bands + a set by my brothers Pete and Bernie; Big G, Joe Firebeard, Jay, Glenn, Lance and poor old Claire on crutches representing good bakers everywhere, on top of which Bethesda won a great victory in a cup match against a South Wales team so the atmosphere was a bit lively throughout the whole building

    1. I am sorrier than ever that I didn’t make the party. It alll sounds wonderful. Your mother is so much more attractive than the photo. I,d kill Seamus for the likes of that!. I don,t have
      internet access at cottage. No broadband. If I were there for any length of time I,d rent a dongle. Wendy

  2. Hi Mick, I have been using your sourdough refresh method and scaled up and down versions of your recipes for my loaves – it’s all working a treat! I retard everything overnight in my cold conservatory. (dread to think what to do when it warms up!!) Anyway, I am doing my FIRST farmer’s market in a week and a bit and I need to ramp up my wheat (white) sourdough culture to 7 kilos! The plan is to increase my current starter in the fridge to about 200g (It’s about 100 at mo) and then remove 170 to do the following with:

    Wednesday 6am – 1:2:2 (170 + 340 + 340) = 850
    Wednesday 6pm – 1:1:1 (850 + 850 + 850) = 2500 (50 spare)
    Thursday 6am – 1:1:1 (2500 + 2500+2500) = 7000
    Thursday 1pm – the mixing begins! (I have the loan of a bakery to do this, phew!)

    Do you think this will work all out of the fridge? Or should I Put the Wednesday morning refreshment in the fridge and only get it out Wednesday evening?

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