Bangor City Council have come up with a novel way of filling empty shop units on the High Street:
Some councils have turned empty shops into art galleries. Since just before Christmas we  have had bread-substitute (BS) vendors Greggs.

It’s only taken me four years decent bread supply to achieve this. That’s probably about as successful as the Real Bread Campagne.


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2 Responses to Greggzed

  1. rowmarcus says:

    In my vocabulary, the abbreviation ‘BS’ usually stands for something quite different… 🙂

    Sad, though, to see the baking travesty known as Greggs bullying their way onto Betheda High Street – this is why you can’t stop the weekly bake! There’s still work to be done! 🙂

  2. bethesdabakers says:

    No it’s Bangor High Street – but that’s too close for comfort. We’ll probably end up with Bread Pound or whatever it’s called.

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