All The Bs

Is this good bread or is this good bread:
I can say that because it’s not my bread. It’s Baker Biker Ben from the BBC. Makes you sick. Bleedin’ amateurs turning out bread of that quality.

Ben is one of the few bakers who have made it to all five of the annual baking events, arriving with his bike between his legs and a mixing bowl under his arm. He’s usually still mixing when everyone else has gone home.

Nice bread, Ben (snarl …)

8 thoughts on “All The Bs

  1. Doesn’t it make you sick….me too, envy runs through my veins when he sends me photo’s and quasi-method, technique with a kind of recipe interspersed with casual how you doing……Bloody Ben, if he wasn’t so damned friendly and talented I’d hate his guts! But he makes and gives good bread vibes!

  2. You’re so right, Jeremy. You’re minding your own business and you suddenly become aware of a quiet presence next to you and it’s Ben saying “What do you think of this?” and you think, ” I wish I’d made that.”
    Bet he’s a crap cyclist though …

  3. Matt & Marcus

    Lovely to hear from you but don’t encourage the boy. He’ll be posting his Christmas breads next and making us all feel inadequate.


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