Bara Planc

Very foolishly got involved in a “discussion” about additives in bread on the Australian Sourdough Companion forum this week – – got called a few names that included the suggestion I was living in the past.

So what bread have I baked this week? Well, months ago someone ordered 6 x 2 kilo loaves for a mediaeval dinner to celebrate some aniversary of Bishop William Morgan who was born the other side of Betws-y-Coed in Penmachno in 1545 and who did the first complete translation of the bible into Welsh. I did two Cistercian, two Mediaeval Barley and two Seigle d’Auvergne (which could definitely pass as mediaeval).

Then yesterday, while we were celebrating 35 years of living together, I made Bara Planc:
– the latest in my modernisation of traditional Welsh breads. It’s got a high proportion of starter, uses milk and a little butter, so although it has a tight crumb it’s also very tender.

Traditionally it would have been baked in a skillet but I’m experimenting by baking in the oven after dimpling and turning every 10 minutes or so.

Living in the past? Moi?

6 thoughts on “Bara Planc

  1. Wow, I missed that thread on Sourdough Companion. What a load of idiots! You might just as well buy commercial “sourdough” if you are going to add all that cr*p to what you make. Why bother baking in the first place? I’ll put my time and effort into flour, water, salt and my maniacally active starter. Pay the ignorant no heed, Mick

  2. Blimey, Mick! I just had a look at the thread.. As you said, it was too good an opportunity for a pun to walk past – I’d avoid going down the pub for a bit of a drink and a chat – fists would fly in no time. Seldom have I seen such a touchy lot – good idea to bow out early on.

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