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In March 2007 we went to France for three months during which time I wrote my big book, The PArtisan Baker. Maybe it will see the light of day, maybe it won’t.

Since then I’ve been concentrating on smaller books that I can have printed and publish myself. Bethesdabasics is doing well (in my modest terms), has sold around 180 copies and will soon be due for a second reprint. Microbakin’, how to set up your own microbakery, is nearly finished and should be out sometime in the Autumn.

One section that was written for the big book but which didn’t seem to fit in properly was an acccount of experiments I did with different starter methods in France. First, just a down-to-earth flour and water method, and then methods from Basile Kamir, Frank Deldaele and finally Dan Lepard. Just for you I’ve posted them in a new Starter Page accessable from the top menu or here

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