Pain Bonne Chance

Starter Preparation
Day One: Evening mix and overnight in the fridge
Day Two: Pack in case. Taxi to Bangor, train to Bath, overnight in case.
Day Three: Bus to Bristol Airport, in aircraft hold to Bordeaux, taxi to Arcachon, overnight in fridge.
Day Four: In fridge (on 01 May in France everything is closed, no chance of buying flour, not even an emergency service for ailing starters).
Day Five: Midday – approximate refreshment (scales that were working perfectly last May when we left them are not functioning)

Spent 3.80€ on battery – not a glimmer of life from scales. Have bread formulas but no cup equivalents and no conversion table. Started with the water:
Water              1 mug
Starter            ½ mug
T65 Flour      2 2/3 mug (added ‘til right consistency achieved)
Salt                 Some

Fermentation – 4 hours
Prove – 3½ hours
Bake – 30 minutes @ 260C (that’s what the dial said) + 20 minutes @ 200C (ditto)

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4 thoughts on “Pain Bonne Chance

  1. Is that your open air bakery by the sea? I thought at first, that you were holding a horseshoe crab. Given the circumstances, you have to be satisfied, Yes?

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