St Patrick, Great Danes, Dalmatians & Flying Saucers

For today’s St Patrick’s Day offerings I asked my customers to suspend their disbelief.
Main Special: Nina’s Bread with Dark Beer & Spelt:
That photo was taken at the original Bethesdabakin’ in 2007 – Nina’s recipe, Rick’s famous Bodger oven.
So I assured my customers St Patrick’s origins were Danish and poured in plenty of Guinness.
Special Soda Bread: Dalmatian, which is what I call Dan Lepard’s Spotted Dog:
Rye Special: New York Rye – well they have a big St Patrick’s Day Parade in New York don’t they?
Now the important thing about this, for you newcomers who have problems with dough collapsing and producing flying saucers, is – so do I.
My rye’s were in couches in a hot kitchen longer than I would have wished. I have this technique, not recognised by classical bakers, of lifting the pleat of the couche and flicking the dough over onto my (hairy) forearm from where it gets turned over onto the baking sheet. Mon Dieux, the doughs were flat and stuck together, collapsed, got mangled, stuck to my arm, were hastily reshaped on the baking sheet where they were hopelessly crammed together. But these days I am long past panicking:
Not TOO bad.

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2 thoughts on “St Patrick, Great Danes, Dalmatians & Flying Saucers

  1. We need all the Bethesdabakers original recipes back up, like the ones that were on the now defuncted Wiki Bethesda page??

    What say you my friend?’

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