A Birthday Present from Phil Joy

“Want a recipe for Apple, Cheddar and Guinness Soda Bread, Mick?” said Phil at my birthday bash in The Old Harkers, Chester, last Saturday.

“Is pork chops greasy?” I replied, even though I was still on my first pint of Old Rosie.

What a birthday present!

7 thoughts on “A Birthday Present from Phil Joy

  1. Glad you like it, it’s a version from river cottage, at the moment I’m coming up with a SD loaf with sweet potato,
    Trying to put a blog together,but not had the guts to yet lol,
    Phil 🙂

  2. Thanks cityhippyfarmgirl

    You wouldn’t believe it but before I had a book to market I was reduced to selling bread recipes to Zeb for single bottles of beer.

  3. This is . . . an interesting blog . . .
    . . . great sourdough breads you make’n bake.
    Twinge of envy here.

    ( In addition to others, I came over via ZebBakes and DrFugawe.)

  4. I too came over from ZebBakes – (and what a truly informative and ‘kind’ blog that is as well! Thank you).

    I am so happy to find this site as well – I have been trying to make sourdough for nearly a year now – GillthePainter and Azalea helped me to get starterd – I had a break, and now am back on track again. But sometimes they work and sometimes they dont …. I am not giving up however. I just made the Norwich sourdough from Zeb’s site – and hooray – it worked and was great! Thank you sooooo much.

  5. Hello Anet & Maggie

    Zeb & drfugawe – you come from good parentage.

    Maybe we can help with the sourdough problems. Give us a try.


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