Move Over Jamie Oliver

The first printing of my book, Bethesdabasics, has completely sold out. Jamie needn’t worry quite yet – the print run was only 100 copies – but I feel pretty pleased with that.

As well as the UK, there are now copies in Denmark, Luxembourg, Ireland, Holland, New Zealand and the USA.

Back Cover

This is what Chefcdp from Rochester, Minnesota had to say, “The book is very nice with high quality heavy weight paper.  I had no idea that small lot printing would produce such a handsome book.  Based on nothing but my imagination, I was expecting it to be printed on something like copy machine paper.

A first read indicates that the book well satisfies the promise of the title.  It is a sourdough primer.  There are clear and complete directions on how to begin and maintain a natural leaven culture and what to do with the starter once you have it established.  I certainly wish that a book like this had been available many years ago when I first attempted baking with sourdough.”

Fear not – he reprint should be with me tomorrow. But, place your order before the next batch disappears.

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13 thoughts on “Move Over Jamie Oliver

  1. drfugawe,

    There’s considerably more chance of me talking to myself.

    Well, the price is £12 for the book +, I’m afraid, £5 for postage & packing to the States (or anywhere outside Europe). But I’ll go 50/50 on the p&p.


  2. Ahem…

    So I’ve sold the first hundred, had an email from the printer saying the reprint will be with me Wednesday. I’m feeling slightly smug and just about to go to bed when the phone rings. It’s Rick.

    He’s preparing to do a trial run of a baking course so, where does he turn to for clear, accurate information? Bethesdabasics of course.

    “Here Mick”, he says, “There’s a mistake in your book.” What …?

    Sure enough, Page 6 says ratio for first refreshment 1:1:1, second refreshment 1:2:2. Can’t believe it. Sue and I checked every figure in that book ten times. On Page 4 it is explained in more detail correctly and in all of the recipes too.

    “Why the bloody hell didn’t you notice it three days ago before I ordered the reprint?” …

    1. A delayed thank you for my book Mick. It was with me within 24 hours, really good. I was able to take it away with me for a read and am very impressed so far although nothing baked yet! An Errata page puts you alongside Lepard and Hamelman (although yours is by way the shortest!) and ahead of some other bread authors who insist on not listing their mistakes which I find most frustrating. The existence of an Errata page fills me with confidence actually so don’t worry and well done.

      1. Thanks Ken

        It makes me proud to have the length of my errata compared favourably with that of the great Dan and Jeffrey Hamelman.

        Hope you enjoy the baking.

  3. Well, you know how it is. Being a deeply religious person I feel obliged to include a deliberate mistake to avoid comparison with the Big Man. Your cousin Stig has been very complimentary.

    I shall set off over the mountain to the post office with your copy this very morning.

  4. It’s here already! Cheque on its way via Severn Bridge or will it be the 2nd Severn Crossing….

    Anyway it looks simply beautiful Mick 🙂 Once I’ve finished baking cakes (urgh) for sister’s party I will settle down with it and read from cover to cover.

    I identify strongly with that doughy character on page 28 by the way.

    1. Zeb

      We’re talking cash money here – you can have as many copies as you want.

      I love that doughy illustration. I’m going to have to invite Wendy Shea to be artist in residence at Bethesdabakin’5.

      Best wishes,


  5. OK Mick – there’s no way I can’t support a fellow addict – after all, you’re doing exactly what so many of the rest of us only dream of doing, and never quite get up enough nerve to really do it.

    Besides, anyone who needs to slip off to southern France for writer’s inspiration needs support, right?

    I put in an order on your Shop page, along with a few logistical questions – looking forward to being one of your U.S. customers. Best wishes to you, my friend.

  6. I’m posting any errors that come to light in the “Shop” Page.

    We have a totally transparent operation here (you can see right through me).

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