2nd Generation

This will worry some of you. There are two of us.

The bread bug has spread to the next generation. This is one of my nephews, Tobias, who was bought a copy of Bethesdabasics by my youngest sister, Helen, and is now producing sourdough. Might have some way to go but not bad for a first loaf.

You really should worry. I have so many neices and nephews that I can’t tell you the exact number but it runs well into the twenties. And that’s without the great neices and great nephews. And there’s more on the way. If they all get involved the Real Bread Campaign will be redundant.

Anyway Tobias has had the usual initial problems of dough sticking to proving baskets and turning out flying saucers and contacted me (through his mother, I might add) to ask how to overcome these difficulties.

So I’ve decided to set up a page called “Ask Yer Uncle” where people can ask for advice and you will all be able to comment.

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