Sweet Things

I’ve been just a bit busy and now when I’m not baking I’m doing my tax returns. So here’s some pix to keep you going.
I don’t do a lot of sweet things but:
My Christmas bread was a Brioche Provencale, followed at Epiphany by Mexican Three Kings Bread:
And this week, Oren, the restaurant we supply in Caernarfon, is taking on the Austro-Hungarian Empire, so it’s Dios Kalacs:
Needless to say, all naturally leavened.

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3 thoughts on “Sweet Things

    1. That’s a Hungarian roll. It’s a mixture of ground nuts, sugar, eggs, grated apple, butter, cinnamon. Just a little on the sweet side (for me).

  1. Your Epiphany by Mexican Three Kings Bread looks like our Christmas cake, the Portuguese Bolo de Rei, and I believe the French have something similar. When I was searching the net I came a cross a Portuguese YouTube stating the cake was brought to Portugal from France in either 18th-19th century (can’t remember now).

    Our bolo de Rei is yeasted sweet dough sprinkled through the mixture with dried and candied fruit and then shaped and decorated like the one you have with large pieces of candied fruit, trying to imitate a king’s crown. I have seen different shapes now…as things evolve.

    Not all bolo de Rei is a joy to eat as with all things made badly but I reckon if you could crack down a good recipe it would happily sit next to a panettone. Bolo de Rei is heavier but that doesn’t mean it should be!

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