Not in my backyard II

Well, a customer who happens to work in Llangefni volunteered to be our spy, went along to the public sale, and very kindly delivered a big bag of bread to our door.

I’ve been advised by my brief to say nothing ’til he arrives. But the camera doesn’t lie. You see the camera-facing crumb in the centre? If you squeeze it it becomes that thin object on the right and stays like that. Forever. And if you press your finger into it, the indentation stays.

Maybe it was the French Master Bakers day off. They were right about the authentic taste of France being ellusive – we certainly couldn’t detect it.

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8 thoughts on “Not in my backyard II

  1. Hi Joe

    To be honest I don’t think the Llangefni French baguettes would stand up to that sort of treatment. I mean, it wouldn’t be fair.

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