Must be Autumn …

In our rather overrun garden we have a solitary apple tree, a Cox’s Orange Pippin, that I bought for Sue’s birthday a number of years ago. Never been sprayed but not certified organic.

Once, or sometimes twice a year, that means Pain des Pommes. I used to oven-dry a load of apples and rehydrate them to produce a Valentines bread in February but the amount or water that produced threatened the plaster in the vicinity of the oven. Anyway, this week was this year’s Pain des Pommes:

You make a starter a couple of weeks in advance by chopping an apple and placing it in a jar with a little sugar and water until it starts to ferment. The remains of last year’s has been sitting on a window sill in the kitchen and, amazingly, it was still fine. Then you add a little flour to some of the liquid and do subsequent refreshments in the normal way.

Chopped apples for the dough are very gently sauteed in butter and then given a good whack of Calvados. Cider forms all the dough liquid and a proportion of toasted barley flour is added for nuttiness.

It’s worth making just for the smell when it’s baking.

2 thoughts on “Must be Autumn …

  1. I dried some apples and pears the other week, no idea if I did it ‘right’, and I was thinking about an apple cider bread… dry cider or sweet or half and half? Any preference, I mean for the bread…

  2. Well, I probably do it different everytime. This time I just used dry (Weston’s Organic Vintage). I quite like using fruit in bread without any extra sweetness. On the other hand, a little butter + some sweeter apple juice …

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