Phil Joy’s Roast Potato & Onion Bread

Sorry – I’ve been neglecting the blog – there’s just too much going on.

Fantastic weekend a couple of week’s back at the Dales Dough Do – not only are there a lot of good bakers around, they’re good company too. Joe, Martin and Caroline did an excellent job of organising.

Made a new friend in Phil Joy, a young baker from Deeside. He very kindly gave me his recipe for Roast Potato & Onion Bread which I decided to bake for my customers as a special at the earliest opportunity. I should have done a test bake first. Not that there is anything wrong with the recipe – it’s really good. But I hadn’t tested for the water loss when potatoes and onions are roasted.

For Friday’s bake I had orders for nine large and seven small specials. This called for a cooked weight of 3 kilos of potatoes and onions. It took 6 kilos of raw veg to produce this weight. I was running up and down the hill for more supplies …

Thanks, Phil. It’s everyone’s new favourite (apart from the bloke who has to prep the veg)

3 thoughts on “Phil Joy’s Roast Potato & Onion Bread

  1. Also had the pleasure of meeting Phil this weekend when he came over to help me bake for an event today. We baked his/(Peter’s?) recipe too and it sold a treat!

    More on if you are interested…

    Sold a stack of your Spelt and Seed too – still a firm Saturday favourite at the loaf!

    Time you got over to visit too…!

    Also, been meaning to say, thought of you on a recent visit to Copenhagen when we came across this…


  2. You’re right – I must find time to come over and see you.

    I’m confused now about who’s recipe the roast potato & onion is. Jeffrey Hamelman has a roast potato bread but no onions + pate fermentee

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