Back Home

Yes, I’m afraid we’re back. I don’t much like it.

Sorry the blog dried up – the more of the bread book I wrote the less I found I had to say on the blog.

We were very good. We’d get up at 6.00 a.m., work ‘til about 12.00, go up the market and buy some food and have the afternoon off. Bit like heaven.

Wednesday was my last free Wednesday. Normally that’s my prepping and, come the evening, my mixing day. So, we took the opportunity to go and see Rick & Maggie who have a stall at Machynlleth market that day. I say he’s poaching – he’s a bit far North – he should stick to South Wales where he belongs. But as I don’t drive, as I only want to bake two days a week I don’t suppose I can complain. It’s just the principle of the thing.

“Do I look like I’ve got a bread slicer?”

We even went to a session in a local boozer that night.

Small bake today, just so I can remember how to do it. Back to the routine next week – if the stock arrives. Being away for three months I ran the stock down completely. Ordered six sacks white flour, one wholemeal, one spelt, one wholemeal rye, one light rye + grains, seeds, olive oil, and some remaindered golden syrup (for laputabrot). Of the flours, they deliver the wholemeal wheat and the light rye. I phone them up and ask if they have any recipes for wholemeal wheat, light rye and golden syrup. They agree to deliver by Tuesday …

Best wishes,


3 thoughts on “Back Home

  1. Good to have you back in the country, Mick.

    Ducks and water spring to mind with respect to you getting back into the swing of things…

    Busy, busy here. Pizza nights have taken off like crazy. I think I owe you an email reply but can’t remember if I already did!!!


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