Soya Milk, Oat & Golden Linseed

Mr Lepard’s Soya Milk, Oat & Golden Linseed – a favourite recipe from Guardian Recipes on his forum I think.

A near perfect split on a block of blue Bethesda Slate.

So healthy your cholesterol levels fall every time you click on the picture.

4 thoughts on “Soya Milk, Oat & Golden Linseed

  1. Every time I click on the picture it opens a new tab in my browser!

    Wish I could shape loaves to split like that though! I really need to work on my shaping…… any good tips? Think I’ll go over to YouTube to see if I can find a good tutorial, though my patience will be severely stretched if I have to wade through too much dross. If anyone knows a a good resource, please pass it on.

  2. Hi Gareth, that dough is one of the ones that tends to do it well, I think it’s the linseed soaker that helps,( of course Mick’s expertise might just have something to do with it too ) the best splits I ever got in my limited career were a rye and linseed loaf. Curiously I had the same experience with clicking, I don’t know how many calories a key stroke on the keyboard burns though!

  3. Well of course it’s down to your skills as a baker, I thought you didn’t want even more praise from me. But I can be embarassingly lavish with that if you would prefer 🙂

    I was just trying to encourage Gareth to try it, and I do wonder if the linseed soaker has something to do with it? What do you think?

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