Black Bean Soup Bread

What happens when you substitute 4 day old (and possibly fermenting) black bean soup for the water in your Pain de Campagne?

Black Bean Soup Bread.

For this weeks main special I’m going to add frijoles refritos, jalapanos and fresh corriander.

4 thoughts on “Black Bean Soup Bread

  1. As it happens I have a sack of Masa needing use but I don’t think in this.

    This is surprisingly good bread without any tweaking. The way the snow is this morning I might not be getting out for any corriander either.

    How’s the weather in New York? How’s the hangover for that matter?

  2. We’re waiting for the snow to arrive, the tension is terrible, Brian is glued to the tv watching people skidding around. muttering about how people don’t clear the snow off their cars before they set off. On my travels down the Gloucester Road today I found a fantastic south indian vegetarian deli/diner which has just opened called dil-se at 368 Gloucester Road. Amongst the bag of snacks, (vadas and mugo and stuffed chilis that made a grown man go red in the face and curries) I carried off with me were two squares of something like a cornbread, not a flatbread anyway, full of spices and flavours and just delicious. I will go back and find out exactly what it is at the weekend when they do bel poori. Also a newly opened Vietnamese supermarket very close by. Bought a mooncake, never had one of those before. It was pretty good too. Need some beer to go with all these though and some bigger clothes.

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