Hot Whisky

As a lover of alcoholic beverages I have to say that I hate gluvine which should be kept, quarantined, within the confines of German Christmas Markets.

Hot whisky is yer man to save you from the winter.

Put the kettle on to boil. Stud a slice from a lemon with four cloves and drop into a glass tumbler together with a teaspoon of brown sugar. Put the teaspoon into the glass to absorb some of the thermal shock of the boiling water.

When the kettle boils, fill the glass about three quarters full leaving space for a very generous slug of scotch or Irish whisk(e)y. Drink – as hot as you can take it.

Should be on the National Health.

2 thoughts on “Hot Whisky

  1. Dunno. But it’s a good excuse to try.

    Just started on this season’s medication and I have a stinking cold already. But it do make you feel good.


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