Box-baked Bread (for Big G)

Here’s a picture of bread I baked in France in 2007.

Can’t remember what the bread was or what was in the boxes

One thought on “Box-baked Bread (for Big G)

  1. Excellent! and I really like such presentations for various reasons. For example, the use/re-use of recycled material, the wood is generally poplar, which when baked in an oven does not burn, but can scorch slightly, imparting a little “woody” flavour to the bread. If also helps to reduce direct handling and contamination, and provides potential for labelling to say something about the bread, and/or it’s origin, which in turn sets is apart from the ‘commodity’ item that is today’s industrially produced fodder.
    As for finding commercial suppliers of baskets such as those shown? This is proving to be a hard nut to crack. If you know anyone who knows someone who might know a supplier, please pass me contact details on, as I don’t seem to be getting anywhere!

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