Spiral Mixer

It’s the larger of the models (U604) in the User Manual , 35 litre, 17k dough max. About 12 years old but has had comparatively light use – the heaviest was during the two years that we were baking two consecutive days a week. Even then it would have been no more than 8 mixes over the two bakes – mixes of 10 minutes each max. Have been long stretches without being used.

Never had any trouble with it – plods away happily and if it over-heats it cuts out for a few minutes. It’s heavy – 90K and it’s not on wheels. The bowl is not removable. It doesn’t mix very well with less than 4K dough.

Price: £100.00 BUT the purchaser is responsible for contactless removal (we are self-isolating). I can get the mixer to the front door but from there on it’s down to the buyer.

I’m selling because my ageing body now finds hand mixing preferable to draging large lumps of dough from a floor-level bowl.