Baking CV


Bethesdabakers: I have a strong track record in the world of sourdough baking and am widely known in the field since winning the Best Innovative Loaf and Overall Prizes at the Ludlow Food Festival in 2007.

Background: I have been baking naturally leavened bread for well over twenty years. In 2007 I set up Bethesdabakers, a home-based microbakery, which, at its peak supplied up to sixty individual customers plus restaurants, delicatessens and B&Bs.

Product Development: In the course of running the microbakery I have developed a repertoire of up to 100 breads most of which have been created or heavily modified by me. These cover the full range of sourdoughs: loaves, specials, ryes, flat breads, enriched doughs.

Consultancy & Training: For the past several years I have run training courses for bakers at all stages from beginners to bakers moving into small scale commercial production and existing professionals.  These include:

  • Numerous one and two day courses for individuals and groups of home bakers
  • Microbakery courses for people wishing to bake bread for sale from home. At least ten bakers have gone on to establish small bakeries around the UK – and now one in Australia.
  • Retraining a redundant worker as a professional baker with funding from the Welsh Assembly Government ReAct 2 Scheme
  • A staff training course and product development consultancy for Becws Mefus of Llangefni funded by Cywain of Menter a Busnes introducing a range of sourdough breads to a traditional craft bakery
  • Training courses for professional staff in the  North Wales locality including Dylan’s and Sosban & The Old Butchers Restaurant at Menai Bridge and the Loft Restaurant at Ye Olde Bulls Head, Beaumaris

Books: I have written, produced and published three bread books:

  • “Bethesdabasics – Sourdough Made Simple” a sourdough primer. This has now been completely revised and updated and retitled “Sourdough – your guidebook to the world of Naturally Leavened Bread”
  • “Bara Blas” – a Welsh Language version of Bethesdabasics
  • “Microbakin’ – Producing Bread For Sale From Home” the story of how Bethesdabakers was set up and organised and a guide for people intending to set up a microbakery


Mick Hartley
October 2018