Bread Baking in a Time of Lockdown

Friday 03 April 2020

First, before you do anything, click on the “Follow” button bottom right corner of the page so that you know when I add updated information.

Then read the first half my bread book – that’s a mere 17 pages (including photographs). I’m happy to answer questions but check out those 17 pages first. Click on the link below:

You will see that you don’t need much in the way of equipment to get started but what you will need is bread flour and from what I understand (we’re in the 3rd week of self-isolation) it’s pretty hard to come by at present.

You will also need a sourdough starter: a paste of fermenting flour and water containing the natural yeasts that will make your bread rise. You can make your own which would be ready in 6-8 days time or I can give you some (it’s a sin to sell starter). Either way you need flour to make it and then to keep it going so – first find a source of flour: a large loaf takes about 500g.

The second download is a spreadsheet containing all the formulas (recipes) for the breads contained in the bread book. Beneath each formula is a link to the full method on thepartisanbaker website. It allows you to specify the number and size of loaves, and to add your own bread formulas as you develop your repertoire.

If you live in or around Bethesda, want sourdough starter and can justify passing by as part of your daily exercise or shopping trip. contact me and we can arrange contactless collection –

So far this year I have run six bread courses. Self isolation has meant postponing two outstanding courses and an end to new bookings.

I am not charging for the use of my book and spreadsheet nor for answering your questions. But you might want to make a contribution to the upkeep of this site: